This is an informative website compiled by Sue Hall. Sue is dyslexic, so is her son, and so is his father. For the past 16 years, she has worked as a Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator with children and adults who have dyslexia. She is based in North Vancouver.

It is Sue’s hope that this site will answer some of your questions, and for those questions not covered, she hopes you will call her – 604-982-0092 – or email her at info@dyslexiacanada.com.

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“Fish Don’t Climb Trees” Interview on CJSF 90.1FM

The Imagination in Education Research Group at Simon Fraser University held an International Conference in July.

Elaine Harder, aka Annie Roach, an SFU Graduate Student in Arts Education is the Radio Host / Producer of “The Arts Edge”. She attended my session, “Fish Don’t Climb Trees”.

She was interested in how I came to be a Davis Facilitator, and how dyslexia impacted my life, and that of my son. The interview went on to cover the change in our education system that would allow all children entering school an equal opportunity to learn.


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CKNW Radiothon 2016

Congratulations to CKNW for raising over $1.5m yesterday by means of a Radiothon. Sincere thanks to Cathy Hunt for inviting me to be interviewed, and to Kathryn Stewart for her organisational skills. I arrived early at the Terminal CIty Club to enjoy the whole atmosphere. The building is gorgeous, and in the foyer there was a school choir, there were several throughout the day, singing Christmas Carols. It was perfect. It was fun to see the volunteers taking pledge calls, to see the interviews taking place on the stage and to feel the incredibly high energy in the room. Waiting in ‘the green room’ I met Diane Sowden who founded The Children of the Street Society – they do the most amazing caring, therapeutical work with children who have such difficult lives. I was thinking there is a very good chance that many of them have learning challenges and drop out of school to find their own community on the streets.

The interview was great fun – I managed to convey that I work with children who are labelled ‘learning disabled’ but I happen to know they are not – they just don’t learn the way they are taught- and also the gratitude that I have for the CKNW Orphans Fund – just knowing that they are willing and able to help with the cost of our programs. Larry Gifford was interviewed alongside me, his is the program director for CKNW, and long story short might be reading my book !

Often I associate the news and the media with bad news and for that reason I rarely watch the news, but yesterday was such a gift, to be reminded that there are so many wonderful organisations, doing such great work with chlldren and that CKNW Radio and Global TV were facilitating and supporting their efforts, Thank you to everyone involved!

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The Goodlife Family Autism Hub – Grand Opening Nov 9, 2016

What an incredible achievement for the world of autism – Carole Taljeh (our Davis Autism Facilitator) and myself were privileged to attend the opening of this amazing centre. What an achievement in determination, and teamwork from a Federal, Provincial and local government level, not to mention private donors. This unique centre will have every resource and modality available to families dealing with autism – the only one of its kind – I think they said in North America !

The building itself is awesome – very light – uncluttered – just feels welcoming. There are many individual therapy rooms, plus communal rooms for younger children and teens, and a music room, a gaming arcade (!), Life Labs, Variety Club, Autism Speaks etc. and a room set up for webinars to send a lecture all over the world. It is right by the airport, very convenient for families coming from afar, plenty of hotel accommodation.

We wish those who work there all the success that the visiting families deserve! Congratulations !

Specialized centre for people with autism officially opens in Richmond

Specialized centre for children and adults with autism officially opens Wednesday in Richmond

What a difference a decade makes — help gets easier for families with special-needs kids

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The Goodlife Fitness Family Autism Hub

Also excited to be invited to the Grand Opening of the Pacific Autism Family Centre, November 9, 2016, and to be able to take Carol Taljeh who is now a licenced Davis Autism Approach Facilitator.. wonderful achievements all round !

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TedXGastownWomen – October 29

I am delighted to share that, Julie Salisbury, Founder and President of Influence Publishing Inc. and InspireABook® Publishing Coaching, is talking about her ‘Gift of Dyslexia’ at this event.

Julie circumnavigated the world by sail boat, train, plane and bus, taking seven years to complete the journey and has been featured on International TV, radio, and press including the “Daily Mail” in the UK. I attended her two day workshop when my book, Fish Don’t Climb Trees was just an idea. She helped me to give in form. As we talked about dyslexia it became apparent to me that she too has this way of thinking… which may appear ironic.

Thank you to Julie for bringing an awareness to the TedX audience that dyslexia may be ‘a difficulty with words’ but only because of the way they were originally presented in school.

Sep 19, 2016

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Whistler Public Library – Saturday November 14 – 2-3pm

Sue is giving a free information talk about her book, Fish Don’t Climb Trees at the Whistler Public Library on Saturday, November 14, from 2-3pm. Please advertise this to all educators, parents, friends and family who may find this information useful. We are ALL learning able, some of us just don’t learn the way we are taught. Thank you, and hope to see you there !

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